Getting property managers in West Auckland (or wherever you’re located) can be an asset to growing your investment portfolio. Even landlords can manage multiple rentals with the help of a trusted property manager.

Property management is not a cheap investment, costing between 8 to 12% of the monthly income of your properties. As such, it is best to carefully consider your next move before hiring a property management company.


As a property management company in Florida, our clients trust us to manage tenants and prospects directly. Investors, landlords, and property owners can delegate the following:

Marketing rental properties
Finding and screening prospects
Dealing with Tenant Complaints
Handling Maintenance, Repair, and Renovation
Collecting Rent
Enforcing Evictions

Licensed property managers also provide counsel for growing your business and dealing with legalities.

As an independent contractor, the property management company has to provide trusted and experienced property managers. The company acts as the employer of all property managers freeing you of the hassles of managing employees.


Multiple rental properties- The more rental space you own, the more you will benefit from a property management company. If you carry out a 1031 tax deffered exchange, you can transfer your management fee to your new property.
That said, the conventional method of buying a piece of real estate to sell it later at again has always been the US staple. An entirely new generation of real estate consumers is rejecting the traditional real estate transaction approaches, using technology to circumvent real estate intermediaries including traditional auctioneers, and looking for more efficient ways to buy and sell real estate in these challenging times. But then, these gains become open to getting taxed. Instead, taking advantage of the 1031 exchange rules through expert help could provide a viable and profitable alternative.

Live far from your rental property- If you live outside of Florida or in a different city from your rental property, local property managers can deal with issues you can’t handle long distance.

Strictly Investment Properties- If you’d rather not be hands-on with your rental property ownership, a property management company will free your hands from the day-to-day management of your properties.

Save Time- Landlording is a time-consuming endeavor especially if it’s not your only job. Many investors are more keen on growing their business more than dealing with its troubles.

Cost-effective- If you can afford the fees, 5% to 10% of your rent revenues sounds like a good investment that can buy you some time and minimize landlord stress.

Overwhelmed by management- Once your business is growing, it makes sense to hire a property management company. In fact, landlords can save money by using a property management company as they can manage property more efficiently than an individual can.

Employer issues- Some landlords hire a resident manager and other employees to help them manage their rental properties. If you don’t want to handle payroll and other legal requirements on top of managing your business, a property management company is a must.

Expertise- Individuals who are enrolled in an affordable housing program have a lot to deal with if they want to continue receiving assistance. Thus, it is worth hiring a property management company with expertise in state housing programs.


If you want to hire a property management company, you may have to interview several companies to see which is the right fit for you. The local apartment association in your area may also offer some recommendations.

If you own a rental property in Florida, US Florida Property Management LLC is the right choice.

We employ licensed, experienced, honest, and dependable professionals. Our property managers are smart and trustworthy no matter how many or how big your rental property portfolio. Contact us today for property management services in Florida.

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