Even Though tenants must remove all their possessions at the end of their tenancy, it is very common that most of them leave different things behind. This is obviously a problem for the landlords because most of them don’t know what to do with all these possessions left behind. After a tenant has gone, the landlord will normally contact a locksmith, perhaps at https://www.locksmithsilverspringarea.com/, to change the lock meaning tenants can’t return to the property to collect any left items. US Florida, the best property management company in Ventura, Florida would like to help you know more about dealing with this common problem. Let us answer some of the questions you might have.

Most of the possessions tenants leave behind appear to be low value, (that’s why they were left behind) but throwing them away can carry a risk, if the landlord throws them away the tenant can later bring a claim against the landlord. This can be costly and time consuming. If the items are thrown away, the landlord will probably have to pay for them or replace them for new ones.

No matter if these items were left behind, they still belong to the tenant and they are also protected by a law. The landlord should take care of them until they are returned or legally disposed. If the landlord sells or throws them away, it can occur in legal actions by the tenant. The landlord must make sure these thing that were left behind don´t block communal areas and these are always clear and safe. It’s important for the landlord to know the laws that govern them.

1. The landlord must have the intention of contacting the tenant and ask him about the left behind stuff. If the landlord has to throw away the stuff, this must be done with a prior agreement, better if it is written. If by any chance the landlord can´t reach the tenant, he must collect all kinds of evidence as for example, the items were perishable or of low or no sale value. He should also show that many attempts were made to contact the tenant.

2. When a tenancy agreement is done, it is important that this is included in it. Both tenants and landlords should agree on what to do if stuff is left behind. This would make it easier for everyone.

3. If the landlord decides to take legal action, a notice will be sent to the tenant. The tenant will receive 2 different types of notices, one where they are required to collect their items and another where there is an intention of selling the items. The tenant will decide which is the best option. This will also come with a notice period more or less of 30 days.

There are many things a landlord can do with all the stuff left behind. A landlord can take a risk and either throw everything away or maybe just sell everything. The best option most of the time would be to consider legal advice to avoid future problems. If you want to know more about how to handle left behind stuff, US Florida Property management is here to help. Call us today or visit us at https://www.us-florida-property-management.com/aventura/ where we will gladly assist you.

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