Property managers are often confused with the homeowners association. This is because all of them are involved in property management. As much as they manage the property, the two are formed to perform specific functions. For the most part, they will be working together but there are occasions where there could be a conflict. Before you can start looking for property management Aventura, it is important to understand the differences between the two when it comes to property management and we’re going to highlight some of them.

What are HomeOwners Associations?

Subdivisions, neighborhoods, condos, will have several housing units that are owned by different people. These homeowners might need to share responsibilities or costs for some things. There are also standards to be maintained when it comes to property management. This necessitates the formation of HOA to safeguard the interests of property managers in a given neighborhood or locality. As much as the HOA members can contribute to the rules and regulations, it’s the board of directors who will have the final say for the big decisions in the organization, whether that is property management or whether to get hoa collections protection. Some of HOA responsibility include:

  • Hiring contractors and staff for members
  • Maintaining common areas like swimming pools and playgrounds
  • Setting and collecting duty for the maintenance of common areas

The HOA doesn’t physically carry out the duties. Their work is to ensure that the right people are being hired for the different roles. To help with overseeing the work, the HOA could hire a property manager to make operations run smoothly.

The Role of Property Managers in a Home Association

There are two circumstances where a community could have both the HOA and the property manager. One such scenario is when the HOA hires the property manager to oversee the operations. They might get in touch with a property management company (you can read more to know what is a property management company responsible for) to hire someone to carry out this service. The other case is when someone owns condos and there is a community. The tenants also have a say in the day-to-day management of the properties because it affects them directly, especially when emergencies strike and they need to urgently call someone like to fix a leak.

Property Manager Hired by the HOA: A member of HOA could volunteer their position which could be seen as an investment to the community. Even if they oversee the management of the property, they will not have time to supervise the day-to-day operations. That means a property manager will have to hire and is supposed to directly report to the board of members.

HOAs Have Powers to Enforce Rules

The majority of HOAs have been given the right to enforce the rules since they’ve been agreed upon by all the members of the association. An example is when a lawn is not mowed. The HOA could send their own landscaper but the property owner will have to pay a high fee as a result. If you are looking to buy a property and this sort of arrangement is not to your liking make sure to ask your Lynchburg realtor for properties that are not tied to a HOA. Or ask to see what rules the HOA of a potential property enforces so that you understand what needs to be done to avoid situations like these.

To sum it up, it is imperative to understand the roles that are carried out by the HOA and the property manager for you to understand the difference. If you’re a property owner with multiple units, it could be advisable to look for a property manager. For more information, you can check out

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